The Company:

Created near the end of 2005, FDI Automatismes SCCL is a work associated cooperative composed by tecnicians with wide experience in design and construction of industrial machinery .

Since our fundation we have developed our activity in the industrial world and we have ability and experience in:

·        Design, construct and legalize electrical installations. Adapt installations to new legal specs.

·        Production process automatión and data picking in order to control & track poduction. Numeric control.

·        Design, project and execute ink dosing, automatic Stein-Hall starch glue coockers, spray starch dosing, temperature isolation, Automatic pH control, temperature control, humydity control, preassure control, level control etc.

·        Electric maintenance and probe calibration: wheight, level, temperature, preassure, flow, pH, etc.

·        Personalized SCADA systems for process control, data register and visualization.

·        Tool machines' maintenance, reparir and improvement.

·       We are specialized in Tecnipenedès S.L. machinery's maintenance, teleassistance, repair and improvement. (Dossing, starch coockers, spray starch dosers, pH controls, temperature controls, humydity controls, preassure controls, level controls etc.).